The Training Suite consists of  the Training room, Resource room and the kitchenette together.
Training room
Training room

The Training suite is ideal for meetings, interviews, small clubs and training sessions.

It consits of the Training room, the Resource room and the kitchenette.

The Training room is 6.4 metre x 5.5 metre, 35 sq metres (18 feet x 21 feet, 378 sq feet).

£7 per hour. Click here for Bay Centre hire rates.

Resource room
Resource  room

The Resource room is 6.8 metre x 2.7 metre, 15 sq metres (22.5 feet x 9 feet, 202 sq feet).

Free parking in front of the centre with an adjoining overflow area. Free Wi-Fi. Full central heating. Full disability access.


It comes with a kitchenette complete with sink, cutlery, cups and a kettle.