BAY Centre Staff (all staff are unpaid volunteers)

Ken Hindle 
President BAY Centre Committee

Mike Lang 
Chaiman BAY Centre committee

Jan Bonus
Secretary BAY Centre Comittee

Jo French
Treasurer, BAY Centre Cmte

John Colquhoun
ViceChair, bookings & Tech

Julia Elswood
Monday Club, BAY Centre Cmte

Jim Frape
Maintenance, BAY Centre Cmte

John Alexander
Fund raising, BAY Centre Cmte

Andrew Jackson
Technical clinic volunteer

Jan Newton
Technical clinic volunteer

David Price
Technical clinic volunteer

Iris Minchin
Technical clinic volunteer

Colin Rufus
Lions, BAY Centre Cmte

Dennis Davey
BAY Centre Cmte

John Woodman
Bay Centre Cmte

Helen Brodie
Hands of Change, Bay Centre Cmte

Jim Clancey
The Holding Point, Bay Centre Cmte

BAY Centre cleaning

Doreen Frape
BAY Centre Maintenance

Warren Frape
BAY Centre Maintenance